Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dat Dawg Sam

My brofur Sam went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 25th. He was sick fur a long time and m&d decided it wus time 2 let him go and be free 2 run again. I noes I alwayz gave him a hard time but he was my brofur and iz missing him lawts these days. This picshure was taken on teh day he went to teh Rainbow Bridge. We sat quietly together fur quite sum time, just me an him. I told him 2 say hi 2 all mai pals at the bridge and he told me 2 take care of mommy an daddy fur him. I think hez watching out fur all ov us up der, i hope he iz havin lawts fun.

I miss u mai brofur sam. mommy, daddy and i will nevar furget u.


  1. awww Dear Perry what a lovely blog about your brofur. Big hugs for you and your fambly
    Love Petie

  2. oh my lovely friend perriwinkles. the animal love of my life passed away yesterday morning. i was devastated and cried all day and night, and am crying as i write this. i hope your wonderful brother dat dawg sam met him at the rainbow bridge and showed pacer allen the way.
    i loves you perriwinkles, big hugz to ur mama and daddy and kisses and nosetaps to you.

  3. Dear Perry,

    I am sorry that Sam is no longer with you and your family. Losing anyone is painful. Sam knew he was loved and cared for and that's a bond that endures during and after our time here.

    Thanks for sharing the photo, it's a pleasure to see it as it's so touching, and you're both so beautiful.


    Fudge xox

  4. Lovely post mai pal. I'm a bit weepy reading it, but I do know Sam will watch over you and your mommy and daddy. Hugs to you all.
    Your Pal,

  5. So, so sad for you Perry. You and your mom and dad are in our hearts and prayers. many, many hugs coming your way.

    And hugs to you too pntbtrkisses. So sorry for your loss as well.

    BZTAT and the Brew

  6. Aww I am sorry sam had to go 2 da RB, I nos U all willl miss him very much!we will keep U an family N our hearts an Sam 2 HUGSxxxRIP Dat dawg Sam xxxxx

  7. Aww Sam, Dat is a bootiful picture of you and Sam. Such a pretty doggie too. I'm so sorry for your loss. a BIG HUG for you and your oomans.

  8. PW - that was a beautiful tribute to Dat Dawg Sam. We know the pain you are feeling and feel awful for you and your family. Many puppy huggies to all of you - xoxoxox Raven, Thor and Rio

  9. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ R.I.P. dear dog Sam ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dear Perry, thanx woofs arfully much fur sharing the pic of you and that dawg Sam on your last day together.

    We have been keeping you and your mom & dad in our paw prayers. And we are sending you lots of paw hugs cuz we doo know howl hard tis to lose a grrreat furriend.

    Much love,
    Tilin Corgi, Jack Corgi, Meezer ...
    and mum too.