Sunday, September 26, 2010

DJ Kitteh

This iz how dj birman iz gonna be spinning teh tuneage at teh next pawpawty. o yeah.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dat Dawg Sam

My brofur Sam went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 25th. He was sick fur a long time and m&d decided it wus time 2 let him go and be free 2 run again. I noes I alwayz gave him a hard time but he was my brofur and iz missing him lawts these days. This picshure was taken on teh day he went to teh Rainbow Bridge. We sat quietly together fur quite sum time, just me an him. I told him 2 say hi 2 all mai pals at the bridge and he told me 2 take care of mommy an daddy fur him. I think hez watching out fur all ov us up der, i hope he iz havin lawts fun.

I miss u mai brofur sam. mommy, daddy and i will nevar furget u.