Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Howloween

Happy Howloween!!

I wish dat dawg sam was here... den mommy wud be dressing him up...

instead of me....

i'm just meowin.... *sigh*.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Birman Rescue

Some of you may noes that i came 2 live wit m&d frum Birman Rescue 9 years ago. *iz a lucky kitteh*

i learned ov a sitation yesterday dat is similar 2 mine. der iz a birman kitteh in north carolina dat needs a new home rite away. This came to the Birman List dat mommy is subscribed to:

We have a Male - Blue Birman cat - approx 12 years old - with claws - that we desperately need to find a new home for. He has been my mother's cat since birth but she has had to go in Assisted Living and is on Hospice - and we are unable to leave the cat in her home any longer. He's a very loving cat but my mother went to FL to visit my sister & I in Feb and wasn't able to return back to Hickory, NC - so he's been alone since that time. My husband and I are currently in Hickory, NC for about a week or two trying to go through my mothers belongings and need to make sure the cat is either in a new home or put to sleep before we leave (really hate to put him to sleep but we may have no choice).

can you imagine puttin a sweet kitteh liek dis down just cus u cannut find a home fur it? if u noes ov sumbuddy dat has room in der home and heart fur a birman (dat luks liek ME!), puleez let me noes as soon as possible!!! the lady at birman rescue dat mommy has been in contact wit is in PA and she said she can work out transportation to anyone dat is interested.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

captain of teh carpet ship

my pal rumblz sent dis 2 me an i has 2 say dat well yes, i has been known 2 throw back a drink or 2 or 3... i'm just meowin... *hic*

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