Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's me, ur ole pal Perry!!

I noes, it has been furever since i has had a blog post. I has been thinkin' bout all mai pals lately, espeshully teh ones that has gone 2 teh rainbow bridge. When @petiethecat went awhile ago, dat just broke mai heart. He was one of mai first pals on twitter, he even let me in teh orange floofy belly brother club!

Petie was purrty cool dat way, I loved him lawts and will miss him alwayz!

Then recently I heard about @javathecat crossing over to the rainbow bridge. Mai heart broke again! Java did so much for teh anipal community and the #pawpawty's and was alwayz so friendly and luvable.

Nao today I hear dat @JinJinDoggy has also gone to teh rainbow bridge. I canut believe this, iz crushed! Jin was one ov teh sweetest and nicest dawgies I evar had teh privledge 2 noes on twitter. iz in shock! i canut believe all teh loss lately, iz just 2 much 2 bear. *snif*

Which brings me 2 mai news of teh week dat i wans 2 share. u noes i has not been on twitter much lately. Between mommy hogging teh puter and me... well i has not been feeling all dat well. i had mai birthday on teh 8th so mommy decided i needed to go to teh V.E.T. i really did not appreciate dat since i had not been in 2 years!!

Here I am contemplating mai escape:

Such was not to be...

waiting and waiting and waiting, still plotting my escape...

well, after xrays and blood tests and blah blah blah...dey has found dat i has renal failure. i guess dey call it CRF. i has 2 eat sum funky food, take sum tablets dat r teh size of mai left paw and NO MOAR TEQUILA! yeah rite, liek dat iz gonna happen.... i say.... ::line 'em up:: tequila shooters fur evarybuddy!!

liek i tell mommy, life iz short... drink tequila!!!



  1. Oh, Perry!

    Luckily they do have lots of good foods and medicines to help keep you doing pretty well for a long time(more time to drink Tequila!!)

    Stay well & listen to that mean ol v.e.t.!!We've got a lot of pawtying to do yet!!

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear this my friend. We have been dealing with this with Arthur for a few years and he's still around and just as bossy. Hopefully, you will be less picky than he is and actually eat the special, expensive food, instead of eating it once and refusing to eat it again! Don't worry about the Tequila, I will make sure to drink your share as well as mine :)

    Sending lots and lots of healing doggy licks your way and we're keeping all 12 of our paws crossed for you xxx

  3. Gasp! Oh Nooooo not you too Perry! I'm so tired of all my old pals from when I started all crossing the rainbow bridge and leaving me behind. I really hope you aren't going anywhere real soon, I do hope the right medicine and food can buy you lots more quality time.
    Sneak the Tequila pal - it hasn't killed you yet and maybe it's just what you need.

  4. PepiSmartDog:
    Dear Perry, go ahead and take the stinky medicines cause you'll feel a whole lot better.
    You are NOT on any of my lists, so don't get any crazy ideas about early pram/Stroller rides buddy. Maybe try some double tequilas, seeing as the single shots haven't done much good. Medical Tequila works a treat every time.
    Make sure you let your mom know your not booked in for any Pram rides. (((HUGS))) :=o)

  5. Perry my friend, you are absolutely not allowed to have anything happen to you. That Hammy needs his role model, and I need my pal.

    I'm sending you some of my best rumblepurrs, and some for your mummy and daddy and Teddy too.

  6. Oh PW so sorry to hear this. Tell your mom tequila and nip will help! In CA have the vet write a script - probably cheaper than the pills - mol

    You'll be ok .... someone has to keep Teddy in line.

    Love you

    Raven, Thor and Rio and der M & D

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